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I’m a journalist, blogger, photographer and creative writer with 10 years’ experience as a reporter for various newspapers. More than the scores or the stats, I crave the stories behind the action, the narrative undergirding the hoopla. What drives a person to sacrifice? What hard truths linger below the surface? How does time and context change a person’s legacy? These are the questions that drive me as a feature writer.

A few lines of endorsement from past colleagues:

“Nick served as my trusty back-up on the soccer beat at The Washington Post. I did not hesitate stepping away at times because I knew he would do great work. He never disappointed. His commitment to the craft, reporting fundamentals and writing style came through in everything he did. Letting him get away was a considerable loss to our soccer coverage and to the sports department as a whole.” 

— Steven Goff, Sports Reporter at The Washington Post

“From the moment he arrived in our newsroom, Nick displayed a tremendous amount of energy and complemented that with a steely work ethic, great organizational skills, and a gift for churning out clean, thought-provoking stories that won countless awards and left an indelible mark on Fairfax County’s sports community.”
— Steve Cahill, former Managing Editor at The Fairfax County Times

“He’s a thorough and detailed reporter, and also has a knack for boiling down the big picture in a way that’s easy to comprehend. He was assigned to cover a variety of sports, and did it in a way that made you believe it has been his beat for years.”
— Jimmy Hascup, Digital Producer at USA TODAY Sports

“He’s eager, inquisitive and willing to take on any task we assign.”
— Mike Harris, Senior Editor at The Athletic

“Nick Eilerson is a rock solid writer that served our magazine well in his tenure, but what truly stands out about him is that in an industry oriented around deadlines, Nick flat out doesn’t miss them. He’s willing to go above and beyond, overcoming any circumstance to make sure he gets the job done.”
— Bart Isley, Owner at Scrimmage Play, the Central Virginia Sports Authority

“Having served as Sports Editor of The Cavalier Daily since Jan. 2011 and a sports columnist since Feb. 2010, I can safely say that Nick was easily the best sports writer at the paper during the past two years. Nick covered a wide range of players, teams and topics, and each of his articles was well-written, well-researched, compelling and entertaining.”
— Matt Welsh, former Sports Editor at The Cavalier Daily

Journalist, blogger, content manager

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