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Rowing straight to London

Greatness was standing right before his eyes, but former McLean High School rowing coach Jim Mitchell couldn’t see it. In search of talent at his school’s football practice, he had no idea the teenager in front of him was an indomitable athlete, a sporting prodigy, a future Olympian.

“I just saw a big, tall kid,” Mitchell said.

Giuseppe Lanzone was nearing the end of his junior season as an offensive and defensive lineman. At that moment, he only was thinking about what this next practice would bring, not daring to let his mind drift to the next game or the next season.

Then Mitchell tapped him on the shoulder and issued a not­-so-­subtle demand that changed his life forever.

“He said, ‘Hey, what’s your name and what’s your phone number? You have to row during the winter,’” Lanzone recalled. Continue reading Rowing straight to London