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The Case For Pete Buttigieg


Scroll through Twitter long enough and you’ll learn that Pete Buttigieg is a pandering centrist full of hot air. That Mayor Pete is a conservative newbie still waiting to hit puberty. That Mayo Pete is a privileged, white, neo-Romney capitalist vampire lusting for corporate dominance, a closet Republican bent on setting the planet aflame with secret oil drilling and horrific flash mobs that will multiply exponentially and gyrate nerdily to the swelling sound of Mark Zuckerberg’s maniacal cackling into a loudspeaker and…

Woa. Excuse me a sec, just need to go throw my phone into a volcano pit.

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How Trump’s Rhetoric Exposed America’s Moral Hypocrisy


Midnight approached, and the white van sat like a Trojan Horse. Three men in thick, black vests waited inside. The heavy June air of Northern Virginia was still, plucked gently by a chorus of crickets and the faint whir of cars drifting down a nearby highway. The men seemed hesitant to disturb the peace. Perhaps they knew they were being watched.

Among the wary onlookers was Kenec, a teenager observing from his family’s three-bedroom apartment on the second floor. He knew it was serious because he was not the only one watching. He looked at the building across the street and counted six windows like his — shuttered blinds cracked open slightly, lights off.

Kenec, 18, had heard of ICE agents visiting his neighborhood — a heavily Latino apartment complex in Annandale, about 15 miles outside Washington D.C. — but this was his first time seeing them. He watched them exit the van and stride toward the building across the street, about 80 yards away from his vantage point. A resident answered the door, and they spoke for a couple of minutes. Then Kenec’s mother chided him to get away from the window. Continue reading How Trump’s Rhetoric Exposed America’s Moral Hypocrisy

Tiger is back. And I need a nap.

I didn’t feel a thing when Tiger made the final putt. No, really. My body was depleted, my mind a thick sludge slushing inside a steel crate in zero gravity. I got four hours’ sleep last night and woke up at 6:05 a.m. California time, because an unprecedented Masters schedule moved Sunday’s final round up several hours to avoid thunderstorms in central Georgia.

And because Tiger. Nostalgia. History. Destiny. Magic. It was possible that all of it could come together in one moment, an inconceivable array of disparate circumstances, emotions and characters converging into a sporting supernova that would transcend golf and reverberate around the world. It was possible.

Over the top? Yes. The way I felt? No! I was dog tired, man. That is until…

The release. The sweetest release ever witnessed on a golf course.

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