Jim Harbaugh prescribes ‘natural steriods’ — including sleep, milk and steak


Jim Harbaugh is a man’s man, the kind of man who will happily roll up his pleated khakis and fix the pesky leak in your bathroom sink, then head outside to chop down a 60-foot oak tree with a blunt hatchet, all while screaming up at the birds to show more urgency and fly more efficient routes.

He’s also the kind of man who would scoff at a recent report by Oxford scientists that eating one steak per week increases the risk of bowel cancer. Behold the hearty declaration he dished out on his “Inside Michigan Football” radio show Monday night, when a caller asked the celebrated Michigan coach how to turn his unborn child “into a 6-5 U-M quarterback:”

“I take a vitamin every day,” he said, per ESPN. “It’s called a steak.”

Harbaugh was apparently just quoting the 2005 Will Ferrell movie “Kicking and Screaming,” but his delighted audience at Pizza House — not to mention the caller — probably didn’t catch that.

That comment followed an equally entertaining riff on the health habits most conducive to a big, burly Michigan football hero like himself.

“I truly believe the No. 1 natural steroid is sleep and the No. 2 natural steroid is milk, whole milk, and three would be water,” he said. “Four would be steak.”

It’s not the first time Harbaugh has waxed poetic about milk. In an interview with Andrea Kremer on HBO’s “Real Sports” earlier this year, he delved deep into his calcium-rich roots.

“I drank a lot of milk, Andrea,” a lot of milk,” he told Kremer. “Whole milk, not the candy-ass 2-percent or skim milk.”

Harbaugh, long a master of the odd and memorable quip, has been more prolific than a Chinese fortune cookie factory lately. Here are his harebrained reflections in the aftermath of his team’s collapse against Michigan State last month, from The Detroit Free Press:

“Not into the ‘if this, if that’ type of scenario,” he said, referring to the MSU game hindsight. “If worms had machine guns, then birds [would] be scared of them. We’re looking to find our season over the next number of games that we play.”

And then there is what he told kids about how to get more Halloween candy….

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